Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Article in the Australian Art Review

Very Simple Proofs, The Trivial Ring

My choice for the material I used is based on my understanding of preciousness and value. Common minerals such as beach pebbles and quartz are abundant in my immediate environment. They have value to me for their visual uniqueness and attraction not bound to monetary value. I elevate trivial materials into something unique, a proof that simple objects can have layers which are not immediately obvious. The trivial ring is not so ordinary after all.

The placing of value seems to be a judgment made freely by the individual in his or her irreducible subjectivity.[1]

[1] J L Koerner, L Rausing, Critical Terms for Art History, 2nd edn, University of Chicago Press, 1969, p.421.

                       These materials are quartz from Mt Lofty and Carrickalinga beach pebble

                                      Mt Lofty Quartz set in sterling silver


                                 Carrickalinga beach pebble, sterling silver

                                        Chiastolite from Bimbowrie South Australia